Day 063: Assisting and volunteering my time

I wrote this one on the plane home to NJ about a week and a half ago.

Assisting and volunteering my time. Every time I go to Landmark I get to take a serious look at how I’ve been being. Where MY hypocrisy lies. Every single person I talk to I can learn from, and I do. I have fun, I take out trash, I make amazing new friends, I fill up water jugs, I talk about life and my thoughts, I move chairs, I get to be held accountable and I am forced to have integrity. And yet every day I wake up early as hell and have to assist, I don’t want to. I’m like “nahhh, I don’t need to, why did I sign up to do this?” But I tell that voice its dumb and wrong and then I go and have a fantastic time. Working with Maddie, Kayli, Crystal, Nick, Olga, Jeff, other Jeff and getting to see Lexie and Jasmine for the first time in a too long absolutely made my weekend. I left Sunday with an incredible sense of fulfillment, happiness and freedom.

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