Day 062: The kid who called me a “string bean”

The kid who called me a “string bean”. One night this past summer I found myself playing soccer at Cherokee as you do when boredom hits in Marlton. The plan was to go there and just shoot around for a bit and then dip. I think Chase was with me. Anyways, some more people start showing up including my old coach and some kids I played with one time before the previous summer. I remembered them only because they insisted, again, on shooting from around 30 yard line. Me being the futbol wizard I am does not mind as I quite enjoy striking the ball with as much power as possible. Turns out that around 30 yards out is the perfect distance for my strikes to dip right under crossbar, meaning the two times I’ve played with this group of people was just scoring ridiculous goals.

The person in question (the one who referred to me as “string bean”) was the goalie. The first time I played with them (and him) they were nice, they gave me complements on my shot. However the second time was a little different. After 30 minutes – 1 hour of shooting around we started a game and obviously goalie dude was playing in net and I was out on the field. I am much worse at playing the game of soccer than just shooting from a static position and so I just start to completely suck. Like awful, shanking every shot, can’t pass, not really hustling. At one point theres a corner and since I’m tall I tend to get targeted in the box and this is one of those times. I go up, goalie goes up, we, very weakly, collide and he comes down with the ball. And this is when goalie decides to completely roast me by calling me “string bean”.

String Bean. I got called string bean by a 21 year old dude. As an insult. When it happened I was so shocked that I froze, it took me a few seconds to deliberate and decide whether to be offended by his words or laugh. Now if you know anything about me you might know that I weighed almost 250 lbs in high school. I know what it is like to be made fun of for my size, I lived that for the majority of my teenage years. And once I lost all the weight I thought that picking on my weight was through. Apparently not. That night I got a taste of it for the first time in 4 years. And might I say, it felt really good, it was a confirmation and acknowledgment of my own and everyone who helped me’s hard work to get to the point where I was at.

However, what he said did stick with me. While it didn’t hurt, what he said; it did convince me that I still had more work to do. And that, really, I wasn’t a healthy person. I was a skinny person. Basically where I am trying to go with this is that last week I squatted 300 and this week I deadlifted 300 so THANK YOU DUDE WHO CALLED ME A STRING BEAN. I truly wish you nothing but the best, you inspired me and helped me achieve things I didn’t think possible for myself.

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