Day o27: Calm Before the Storm

The calm before the storm. I’m about to begin a six month intensive web development program at Galvanize and it’s going to be 9 to 5 every day plus from what they told us people usually stay a few hours after each class to do the homework for the day. (FEEL BAD FOR ME) jk I chose to do this. And I’m truly excited to do this. And while staying present and paying attention with intention during these long days is a huge task personally, I’m ready and have never been better prepared to begin anything like this.

But today my appreciation is this moment, “The calm before the storm”. The beginning of this course (Monday) has been creeping up on me this month because of how full each day has been. I haven’t yet sat down and taken the time to appreciate this sense of ease and the plentiful sleep that I’ve been getting. I think this may be the first appreciation where I’ve wrote it in order to force myself to appreciate a moment, or maybe it’s the 27th? I’m not sure.

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