Day 021: My Family

My family. My small, amazing family. I love them all so much. They make me so happy! I love you Mom, Dad, Lauren, All my Grandparents, Shana, Ross, Cooper, Jace, Wes, Tannin, Marilyn, John, Mary, Ann, Patch, Murphy, Dragon, Gracie and of course Misty (RIP).

My sister and I would play this handball-handhockey crossover sport on our family room floor, one goal would be the bricks of the fireplace and the other was the carpeted stairs. God it was so. much. fun. We literally wouldn’t stop playing until we got rug burns on our knees and elbows. Wow I’m just realizing that we played a last game, and that we had absolutely no idea it was happening when it did. I wonder who won? Actually, it probably ended with me crying and running to my room. But I’d like to think I was winning.

Isn’t this idea of something being the last time and you being completely unaware cool? Like I’ve probably hung out with some of you people for the last time ever and we don’t even know that yet. Well I guess it’s always possible and we’ll never know for sure until one of us dies but still we are oblivious to it. Now I’m getting this overwhelming sense of “I need to hang out with every single one of you so this doesn’t happen.” But that’s not necessary, I’ll either enjoy or cringe at the realization that there was a last time we chilled and I’ll be content.

Back to the point, the fam has done so much for me, literally anything I have to be thankful for in this world is because of them. I love you all.

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