Day 018: Indian food

Indian food. For most of my life I was a picky eater, never really tried anything that wasn’t hotdogs, hamburgers, pasta. I let in Hispanic food in my teenage years. Quick side note, The fact that I can say “my teenage years” as in the past is still weird to me. Those were some loooong years. Continuing on, it wasn’t until college that i started branching out more. Mostly because of Shana and all the vegetarian things she would cook. And they would always get Thai or Chinese or something else foreign when ordering food for dinner. Then I started to travel and that really blew my mind, whale in Iceland, seafood in SF, BBQ in KC, a half a year’s worth of amazing Spanish food home cooked by Pepa, Moroccan food. And throughout that intense culinary exploration phase of my life I never had Indian food. Until two months ago. And I’ve had it probably 12 times since. IT IS SO GOOD. I love you Indian food.

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