Day 016: Yu-Gi-Oh

This one is hard to post, because I’m afraid of judgement from both my friends that I know who I used to play Yugioh with for god knows what reason and everybody else because they’re gonna think I’m weird I guess. What’s new? I feel way more comfortable writing about this topic now that I’ve stated the above. Why is that? It must be some type of protection – I think maybe acknowledging that there might be judgement diminishes the effect of it on me. Is that a good thing, or is that still caring about what other people think so much that I need an extra layer of protection? Our minds do things that are so ingrained, so deeply rooted in our actions and thought processes that you don’t even realize it’s trying it’s there and most likely it’s trying to protect you. Brains are crazy.


Yu-Gi-Oh. The trading card game. So much fun, excitement, sadness and even some adventure have come from my Yugioh days. Billy and I would go from playing SARPBC (Rocket League 1 basically) for hours or COD to playing Yugioh for hours. We never got bored, at least I don’t remember getting bored. Dave with his Fire deck, Billy would always think of some crazy shit, I’m smiling now. Those were good times. Every week Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday we’d go over to All Things Fun and play in the tournaments. Apparently ATF just recently closed which is super sad, I have probably spent a literal years worth of time there. Met so many great people/friends through ATF/Yugioh and there definitely people there that didn’t like me either. They probably took it a little bit too seriously.

I remember one time someone I knew from school or even just slightly knew from Cherokee came in during a duel and I tried running into the bathroom but someone was in there so I turned around and started to fucking walk around the store so he couldn’t see me. That is so fucking funny to me now. I was such a scared little boy hahhahaahah.

Yugioh can be nerdy or whatever some would call it, but I love it and I love that it was such a huge part of my childhood. I even went to Pittsburgh for Nationals in 2009.

The reason why Yugioh is today is that they just came out with an App for the iPhone and I couldn’t put it down today. Like… at all.

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