Day 005: Airplanes

One seventy third of the way there.

Airplanes. Aka flying metal death traps. Today I got to watch a stunning sunrise develop during my flight to Charlotte. It was beautiful. Seeing the cities and roads lit up when it’s dark is awesome. 2/3 of the seats on an airplane are either window or aisle so odds are you won’t hate your seat. I’m a window person myself. Free beverages. They’re fast. Amazing views flying over mountains. You have time to listen to music you’ve been meaning to listen to. Read a book you’ve been meaning to read.

WATCHING THEM TAKE OFF is so cool! Or when they fly over you when you’re driving.

They are the first step of vacations and crazy adventures.

There are also a lot of things about airplanes that aren’t so pleasant. I’m questioning if this appreciation is just me ignoring the negative things about life. That probably not the right way to go about things. Can you appreciate negative things?? I guess it’s kind of a package deal. The long lines, security, random spurts of intense heat, crying babies, middle seats, turbulence, smelly passengers, overpriced shitty snacks. Not sure if I appreciate you but I accept that you come with all the good things planes bring.

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