Day 003: Music Festivals

It’s only day three of my appreciations and I already want to give up. I’m getting stopped by what people might think of me, which is kind of crazy and dumb because someone changing their opinion of me because I share something that I’m appreciative of seems very odd? and maybe a little shallow or something. This is one of those things where I don’t really know why I’m doing it, it just feels like something that would benefit my health and relationships.


Music Festivals. I don’t see how I can avoid that one today with Coachella dropping the lineup of the decade. There are so many amazing gifts that these crazy weekends give us.

1. Friends: Most of my favorite memories ever are at Bonnaroo and Firefly with Dave, Brosa, Ryan, Mark, Moty, Rob, Jason, Zach, Chase, Wes and a ton of other strangers that I’ve met there. Four days with your friends. Music, Drinking, Dancing, hanging out at the campsite acting dumb. There’s no responsability for four days and we are good at taking advantage of that. Thank you Mal for introducing me to Bonnaroo!

2. New Music: As soon as the lineup drops you have 50-100 bands, artists, singers, comedians that you have never heard of before. I immediately create spotify playlists and start to discover music that I thoroughly enjoy, by the time the festival comes around I’m more excited for some of these bands than the others I already know. Examples: LCD Soundsystems, The Floozies, Mac Demarco, Glass Animals, Alabama Shakes, SBTKRT, Pretty Lights, Gary Clark Jr., Leon Bridges. I could honestly name 50 bands that festival lineups brought to my attention

In the past I always believed that it was either Music Festivals/fun summers or Internships/Career. And I thought “I’ll keep going to festivals until I graduate then I’ll stop because festivals are what you do when you are young and have time” All of that is bs I go because I fucking love music and will continue to do what I love until I’m dead and if thats music festivals then its music festivals. I can and will be successful in all areas of my life, a lack of success in one area isn’t caused by the existence of another. Its probably caused by a lack of effort.

That’s enough writing for today. Everyone should at least once go to a music festival in their lives, it is truly an incredible experience.

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