Day 001: Marlton, NJ

Marlton, NJ. For all the negative things I’ve heard people say about this town, and have agreed with myself at times, it kind of feels like we hit the Suburban Jackpot. We are mad close to Philly, close enough to NYC and close to the shore, good job Marlton. This one is maybe probably most definitely because I’ve lived here my whole life but our zip code seems very easy to remember oh-8-oh-5-3, I think it has to do with the “oh’s” but once again it’s probably because I’ve lived here.

It’s not dangerous. It has a wide selection of restaurants. It has an escape rooms now. It has two turf soccer fields or three now? It’s where I’ve met some of my best friends. The promenade is dope. I would say are schools for the most part are good. We have that free ride program. Our rec and travels sports are good. We are a talented bunch.

There’s probably more but that seems like it should be enough. I feel incredibly lucky to have grown up here. Good choice Mom and Dad!

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